Our Solutions

Prosper Point Debt Solutions was founded on the idea that consumers should have ready access to products and services that help strengthen and secure our financial well-being. Truly independent solutions for managing debt and building and establishing credit. To promote this idea we have built a revolutionary and innovative full-service debt solutions agency with an emphasis on individual customer care. We offer more than 55+ hand-selected services that can be bundled into a completeley customized program designed to fit your needs.

This a la carte approach to consumer financial services allows our debt and credit experts to build client-focused solutions that are umatched in terms of customization and performance. We currently provide support, referrals and service-based packages across four main verticals:

1. Debt Relief

Our options for those struggling with debt are expansive. We offer FREE budget review, credit report analysis and solution-based recommendations. For those struggling with unsecured debt such as credit cards, personal loans or lines of credit we offer budgeting and debt reduction software, referrals to non-profit credit counseling, to Debt Management Programs, to resolution, settlement and mitigation programs and to licensed and practicing state bankruptcy attorneys. For struggling homeowners, we provide referrals for Foreclosure Defense and Mortgage Modification to legitimate real estate law firms that can also assist with short sales and "Deed-in-lieu" options. We even offer referrals for help with back taxes, automobile loan default, delinquent business debt and counseling for student loans, pre-bankruptcy and housing.

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2. Credit Repair

Our credit repair program is adminstered exclusively through Lexington Law, the leaders in credit repair. They have serviced over 1/2 million clients since 1991 removing millions of questionable items from credit reports. Lexington Law is a general service consumer advocacy law firm, not an online credit repair shop. We also provide tips and advice for organic credit improvement in conjunction with our credit report analysis and counseling services.

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3. Credit Monitoring

We provide a diverse suite of credit monitoring and identity theft, management and protection solutions designed to help monitor the status of your credit reports and scores and prevent fraud. Today, it is more important than ever to keep a watchful eye over your credit and identity, especially while doing anything that might affect your credit worthiness to a lender such as applying for credit or resolving or managing debt. It is important to know your different credit scores and what they mean to a lender in terms of your overall credit worthiness. Monitoring your credit allows you to prevent fraud and identity theft while making sure that your credit profile is being accurately reported to creditors. Many credit monitoring solutions include debt-to-credit and debt-to-income analysis and other important features such as access to monthly triple bureau reports and streamlined dispute tools.

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4. Credit & Loans

Credit and loan consultation with referrals is available for clients in need of assistance in qualifying for credit cards, personal loans, debt consolidation loans, vehicle loans, home loans, HELOCs, REFIs and more. A Prosper Point representative can make you aware of new balance transfer offers, debt consolidation loans and opportunities for secured credit cards and lines of credit. Pre-application counseling can save you time and money when preparing to access credit and can prevent damge to your credit score that often results from both successful and unsuccessful credit shopping.

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